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[Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer]
[Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer]
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Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer

Federally incorporated and provincially licenced company

Financial House of Canada Inc.

Our Mission:

Be a trusted and knowledgeable advisor, provide complete financial planning solutions to Canadians of all ages in a cost effective way and exceed client expectations.

Business Description:

Provide Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, Investment Planning and Will Planning services to everyone. Prepare Income tax returns for Corporations, Individuals and Trusts. Doing Accounting and book keeping services for self employed and Health Care Professionals, Real Estate Professionals and small businesses. Thus provide all finance related services to clients under one roof.


Financial House of Canada has been offering individual financial solutions to Canadians of all ages. Our customers are enjoying the ease of dealing with one company for all their financial solutions. Our qualified Financial Advisors are knowledgeable and dedicated to provide clients with superior service.

Antoo Valookaran is a well known and highly respected investment specialist in Greater Toronto area. Hundreds of investors have greatly benefitted from his keen sense of market insight and astute investment selection. For a long period of time Antoo has been helping investors capitalize on the upside of market while protecting their assets from the downside exposure. Many of his clients have been with Mr. Valookaran since he began his career and have continued to refer their friends and family members.

Antoo's clients feel that his greatest asset is the close personal and professional relationships that he builds and maintains through his “understanding of their needs and his personal caring and attention” that makes him the true professional that he is.

Financial House of Canada Inc.

5871 Highway 7 E.

Suite 204, Markham,

ON. L3P 1A3

Tel: (905) 910 1993

Cell:(416) 557 5839

Fax:(905) 910 1994

Email: antoo@financialhouse.ca

Web: www.financialhouse.ca






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