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[Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer]
[Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer]

Financial House of Canada Inc. - Disclaimer

Federally incorporated and provincially licenced company

Financial House of Canada Inc.

Get help from someone you can trust and knowledgeable. Contact Antoo Valookaran today for a better tomorrow.

Financial House of Canada Inc.

5871 Highway 7 E.

Suite 204, Markham,

ON. L3P 1A3

Tel: (905) 910 1993

Cell:(416) 557 5839

Fax:(905) 910 1994

Email: antoo@financialhouse.ca

Web: www.financialhouse.ca






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Adjusting your financial plan as your life and financial resources change. Your needs are different now, as you accumulate wealth and take on more responsibility in life.We schedule annual reviews to follow your progress to your plan and adapt it to any changes along the way.

Building and Protecting Your Wealth

Creating financial independence is often a major part of a financial plan. It's often referred to as a retirement plan. And it looks different to each of us.

First of all, we listen to what your version of financial independence looks like and then we determine the resources you'll need and how to get there. Then we determine your risk tolerance and provide choices to customize your plan.

For those looking to protect their savings, we have access to guaranteed products that can provide income while reducing the risks.

Our investment portfolios use a combination of income generating and growth investments to diversify risk and reduce volatility. We choose money managers and investment products from companies with outstanding reputation.

Protecting Your Family

We can help young families protect their financial future with the appropriate disability, life and critical illness insurances for their situation.

Even when your family is grown and independent, you may be looking for advice on how to make your estate tax-efficient and fair to your beneficiaries. We can help you by reviewing your existing insurance, providing alternatives if need be and talk through the considerations prior to formalizing your wishes.


Financial Planning